Dog owners in Guernsey are required to buy an annual licence (dog tax) from their parish authority for each dog they own.

Licences are required for all dogs aged over 6 months.

Registered guide dogs and hearing dogs are exempt from this licence.  

The annual charge for the Dog Licence is £10.00 per dog. All existing dog licences expire annually on  December 31st and must be renewed by January 31st.

A reduced rate will apply for dogs becoming resident in the parish after July 1st.  

Dog Licences (Dog Tax) can be paid:

  • in person at the St Andrew’s Constables’ Office.
  • by post, cheques (payable to The Constables of St Andrew) to the Constables’ Office. (Payments should include the dog-owner’s name and address, a stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of the licence and a cheque for £10.00).
  • by BACS account number 33508960 sort code 30:93:73. Payment reference should include, dog tax, your name and your postcode,

Dog licences are non-transferable. A new licence will be required if the dog changes ownership. .  

Dog owner's should notify the Parish Constables of changes related to dog ownership, to ensure dog licence records are kept up to date.

Dog owners failing to pay the licence fee are liable to a fine not exceeding £500 in accordance with the Dog Licences (Guernsey) Law, 1969 (as amended).